Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Tips & Tricks for Whatsapp

1. Hide Two Images In One

This trick is going viral in these days. Many times your friends have posted an image for you that first look like a beautiful baby but when you click on it will change to another image if you want to post these types of image to your groups or friends so follow my instructions.

First download & install an app named Magiapp for android

After installing this awesome app, you’ll see interface something lie in the image on the right

Now just click the True image option as well as select an original image after clicking the Fake image option as well as select your pranky photo.

Now following selecting your images simply just press Do Magic! option and It is done right now just share your photo with anyone.

 2. Send Everything like Doc, Zip, PDF files

We all know that WhatsApp doesn’t assist in sending out other documents than audio tracks and video clip formats. There is no option to share your documents, compressed files, as well as other files from WhatsApp. But every problem has a solution.

Some apps will make your whatsapp able to send these types of files. Cloud Send One of the apps that I use. You can send Doc, APK, PDF file through your whatsapp

Whats Packed 2 ads is an alternative app to sending the file through whatsapp. But you must install Whats Packed 
2 ads app in sender’s and receiver’s phone

3. WhatsApp Retrieving Tip: Get every conversation you had deleted

You may sometimes wish to delete conversations on your WhatsApp and many a times you will delete some conversations intentionally or accidentally. If you want to recover those deleted conversations this simple tip/trick will definitely help you.

WhatsApp stores all your conversations on your android phone memory. In order to use these Back up data to recover the deleted conversations you need to follow these steps:

Uninstall WhatsApp on your Android Phone and reinstall it again.

During the reinstallation, it will ask you to restore messages.

Click Restore to restore all your deleted Conversations of Whatsapp.

4. Spy and Investigate Conversation of Ones Friend

Is it feasible to Spy straight into Whatsapp conversation in the your close close friends and read their conversation? Yes, it will be possible and i’ll explain you relating to this awesome trick through which you'll spy your close friends conversation. Just comply with the below stated steps.
  • Firstly, you want to do is, go to the MicroSD card and then go through the Whatsapp and down the road on the Repository option
  • Immediately after that you are done with step one you’ll get two files including, msgstore-yyyy.. dd.. db. crypt
  • msgstore. db. crypt
  • After finding these files, you must do is take these files from the friends mobile and then you can be easily able you just read their conversations they have done with their friends. You can open them employing a simple text publisher (like Notpad etc.)
5. Removing blue ticks from Whatsapp

Users can just access Privacy via Settings and disable Read Receipts. There, now it's time to iron out the kinks in your friendships that the blue ticks have caused.

6. See when your messages are read

In addition to finding out the exact time your messages are delivered, you can also choose to see the exact time your message was read (assuming you choose to stick with the ticks).

Go to any of your WhatsApp chats, tap and hold on any of the messages you’ve sent in that chat, followed by the Info option which will show the time your message was delivered and subsequently read. It works for group messages too, with the window listing the time each participant read the message.

7. Keep group chats on the down

As WhatsApp becomes the go-to chat app for more and more people, the likelihood of making group decisions gets carried over as well. So if you’re always getting added to new group chats filled with strangers, you might want to keep certain details private until those strangers become friends.

Head to Settings, Privacy, and then tweak your Last Seen, Profile Photo and Status to retain a bit of mystery. Choose to share them with Everyone, or only your Contacts, or Nobody at all. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about hiding your phone number.

8. Mute group chats

We’re all in at least a few group chats at any one time, created because someone was bored. People tend to get overzealous in chats, especially since WhatsApp allows group conversations of up to 50 participants. Who hasn’t woken up to the horror of 100+ unread messages fuelled by a night of boredom?

To prevent yourself from being woken up by the constant lighting up of your smartphone screen, you can (a) either flip your phone over and ignore it or (b) mute the offending group chat. Tap on the group chat of your choice, then the name to bring up Group Info where you will find the option to Mute the chat for eight hours to one week or a year. Alternatively, you can exit it altogether.

9. Find out the truth about where your friend is

We've all been a victim of that “on the way” lie when the person in question is still in bed. To prevent yourself from ever getting duped again, insist that the contact shares their current location with you by tapping on the arrow icon next to the text box and then Share Location. There's also a way of preventing them from manually entering their location...

How: The way the location appears is a clue. If it’s a real GPS-based location, the location share will appear as a dropped pin, but if it’s a location they entered, its address will appear beside the dropped pin. Feel free to call them out on it.


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